Polina Oserhov, Editor in Chief & Creative Director at PATTERN Magazine

I have the immense pleasure of working with Jami Stall on the creation of PATTERN magazine. Over the years, I have worked with a good number of copy editors, and Jami stands out as one of the best. Her edits are thoughtful, well-researched and always make the story stronger. We use many contributors to produce our digital and print publications, and the spectrum of experience and quality of our writers is quite broad -- from seasoned pros to college students. Jami knows exactly when to use a light touch and when to dig in deeper. She always goes above and beyond what is requested. That aside, she is prompt, always keeps me in the loop on the status of different stories and is very easy to work with on every level. I highly recommend her.

Jan Chronic, Principal Consultant at Brand One & Adjunct Professor of Marketing at Butler University

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Jami Stall at Resort Condominiums International and most recently at the National FFA Organization. Without a doubt, Jami is the absolute best at her profession. It is always refreshing to work with a professional that needs little to no direction, one who can write and edit for multiple industries, nonprofits, divisions and departments. She is especially adept at delivering projects that require strategic insight based on the project's objectives and goals. Jami is particularly impressive at adapting her exceptional writing style to every audience and media platform, bringing her end-user knowledge to the project spot-on every time. I have observed how Jami works with her clients, from C-suite leaders to accomplished writers, and she consistently delivers extraordinary results and with unparalleled people skills. She’s an independent consultant who can jump in and be a team player at any moment. I continue to list Jami as my number-one resource, as well as go-to writer for strategic projects.

Alyssa Chase, Writer, Editor & Creative Strategist

I highly recommend Jami Stall as a writer, editor and creative thinker.

I’ve known Jami for years—we both worked in Publications at RCI—but I didn’t work directly with her until I hired her as a freelance writer and editor. At the time, I was working in the communications department at a busy international nonprofit.

Even as a freelancer, Jami is a proactive self-starter. As an editor, she goes out of her way to tie up loose ends on assignments and manage tight deadlines. Her editorial skills and honest assessments saved the day when our team was scrambling to meet a tight deadline for a retail catalog. She also helped us navigate the publication of a youth magazine when a change in staff left us short-handed. She knows how to handle all stages of the creative process. And she knows how to work with all sorts of staff people—fellow writers and editors, designers, production folks. Jami’s holistic approach and insightful edits tremendously improved the quality of our products.

As a writer, Jami can handle just about anything—from concise catalog and product copy to blogs to online or print departments or feature-length stories. No matter the form, she gives each piece the same attention to detail.

Jami has a great personality, and she loves people. This quality shines through in her work. It also makes her a joy to work with. She’s funny, kind and wise. When you bring her in on a project or a team, you know the work will be taken care of by a true pro. You also quickly find yourself laughing and smiling along the way.

Julie Woodard, Manager of Communication Services at National FFA Foundation

Jami Stall is my go-to writer when I'm looking for engaging stories that are nicely written and factually and grammatically accurate. When I assign to Jami, I know I'm going to get a quality-written piece by the established deadline. I also had the pleasure of working with Jami at RCI/Endless Vacation Magazine. Even years later, she continues to be my mentor and schools me on how to be a better writer and editor.

Connie Dyer, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Horizon Group Properties

I had the great pleasure of working with Jami while I was at the Indianapolis Museum of Art (Newfields). She is a gifted interviewer and a talented writer with an usual knack of defining a story arc that most reporters don't even think about. She's fair, honest, easy to work with, cares about her craft and invites feedback, on her work and that of the reporters she assigns to stories, which also makes her a great manager.

Michael Mioduski, GhostRanch Communications

The only thing holding me back from a review is that I know my grammar will make Jami cringe! In all seriousness, Jami is a complete pro and a total pleasure to work with. Jami is highly thorough in her work, responsive in her communication, and extremely hard working (insert Oxford comma shutter here). Such a fun and friendly personality. I highly recommend!